He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


Whilst yesterday was a pretty cacky day, things ended on a high when I was allowed the privilege to be Uke in somebody elses's grading. The Uke is the person who throws all the punches (and you are trying to genuinely hit the individual concerned) and during the self-defence section, there aren't many rules, apart from no grabbing. Punches and kicks have plain and simply got to hit the target.

There were two of us (the other Uke was a blue-belt) and I did feel for our target, as he had to endure a couple rounds of us throwing what we could at him. The poor chap did look totally knackered at the end.

Having done this, it's given me some insight as to what I'm letting myself into should I grade in May. However, I ache today. I really ache. My right arm is nigh-on useless (no comments, please), my legs ache and I think I've damaged one of my toes.

Would I do it again, though? You betcha.
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