He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Down to Cornwall...

Whilst it's not exactly millions of miles away from me, I took a little trip with my partner down into Cornwall, which was a thoroughly enjoyable way of recharging our batteries. We had lunch in Fowey, took a little shopping trip in Truro and stayed overnight in a place called Mitchell. The place would rank as the nicest B&B I've ever stayed in and I'd endorse it to anyone. (*clicky*)

The pub, apparently has some historical relevance too, as the pillared entrance was the place that John Wesley used to preach his Methodist views, although for a non-religious eegit like myself, probably nicer was the fact that we were really close to the wind farm at St Newlyn East.

The weather was entirely random - hailstorms one moment, thunder the next, followed by sunshine - so you'll forgive me if I'm not posting the best photo ever, but it was hard work trying to get a good weather moment to take a snapshot.

Anyway, go there - it's marvellous.
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