He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


I have just four sessions left before I grade, but I hope they're not all like tonights, because after that, I hurt.

My arms hurt. My legs hurt.
My neck hurts. I have the infamous groin strain.
Even my bloody butt hurts. No, don't ask.

You might not be aware of this feeling, but I was close to being broken tonight. Being broken is an experience I've not yet had, but I got close tonight and to be frank, that's as close as I ever really want to get. It's a feeling you get when someone has thrown you into the ground so much, that you just start to ache. Sure, you landed fine and nothing broke. Sure, no joints were popped, but you just start to get a feeling through your body. All I can say is that the feeling is a bit like this:


Not one specific part aches - it all does.

But you get back up and throw another punch - because that's what you've got to do.

I'll be glad when this grading is done, whatever the outcome. I'll need to give my body a rest at the end. The only problem is that I've volunteered myself for a tournament in Italy at the beginning of July, bloody idiot that I am. I should learn to keep my mouth shut.
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