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Japanese Study / 2006 Trip

If you live where I do, trying to find places that you can study Japanese is hard work. Having done the GCSE, I'm now looking for something that takes me further, like an AS-Level. Problem is, courses are rarer than the proverbial excrement of the rocking horse - and this is looking at what's available in all of Devon and Cornwall.

So far, the options are looking pretty minimal:

1) Japanese Language Proficiency Test - This is a no-brainer and I'll be doing this, regardless. Can't decide whether to do level 1 or 2, though. One will be too easy, the other a bit too much. Hmmmmmm, decisions.
2) AS-Level Japanese in Tavistock School - As luck would have it, there's a site that runs the course, right on my doorstep! Only problem is, I'm in my 30's and the rest of the students aren't (they're 17). There's also the matter of when the course runs, the fees and whether I can squeeze it in with my current working arrangements.
3) The Foreign Language Centre - Exeter University. They're running a "post beginners" course (I'm trying to find out what whether that's a suitable progression from GCSE or not) and it'll cost about 320ukp.

I'll keep you updated if anything develops.

Meanwhile, I'm investigating my next trip to Japan. (I know, I'm going in Mar/Apr 2006, but like a kid, half the fun is in the planning). It's a bit early at the moment. I can't seem to find any flights for less than about 580ukp. I'm sure they'll get cheaper over time - I've not paid over 400ukp in the last couple years.....
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