He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Well, that's that...

...another grading over. My pass was something of a surprise, as things didn't really go to plan. I actually graded on Sunday, but kept it to myself until today, when I found out the results. The grading was sprung on us - I graded 4 sessions (about a week and a half) early.

As usual, it's always a learning experience. What did I learn out of this one?

  • No matter how much you practice, it's never enough.
  • I'm more aggressive than I thought and I can actually knock the wind out of someone when I try.
  • Ultimately, fitness is the key - and you can never be too fit, as my self-defence session showed.

So, I'm a green (two tags), 5th Kyu and my next step is blue, but there's a snowflakes chance in hell that I'll be ready this year. The standard required goes up significantly again - and it took me three months of training from the point I finished the learning of the syllabus to get things to a satisfactory level. Plus, I doubt somehow that I'd be able to get sufficient time off work.

Time for a small celebratory beer nonetheless.
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