He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Today has been...

... strange. As a person with a small repertoire of words, I think this is the best one to use.

The gap between Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday is always a weird one - a bit like a miniature version of the gap between Christmas and New Year. Well, that's how it feels to me, anyway. If you're like me, you're at work, but you're not. This weirdness was compounded when my alarm went off for work this morning. I switched it off, blinked and it was an hour and a half later. I was about to be late. Stranger still that I should fall out of bed, get ready and manage the 17 mile drive into work in 40 minutes and actually turn up 5 minutes early.

The strangeness had a cherry on top when I ended up being the first aider at work for my partner, who subsequently went to hospital - and I'd just made the comment yesterday about how in the 3 years we've been together, we've never actually spent an Easter together and this year would be different.

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