He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Back To Mine

After having found over 50 geocaches, it seemed appropriate to start thinking about putting one of my own out - and I've got a potential site in mind.

As a teenager, I did my fair share of hanging around. My hangout was a disused mine called the Prince Of Wales Mine, in Harrowbarrow, Cornwall. Naturally, any parent hearing this now would probably have palpitations, but it was a great place - you could do just about anything and it would be out of the way of disapproving eyes. We'd ride bikes on the sand-dunes (which were probably arsenic spoil-heaps), graffiti the walls, climb trees and generally hang around, even if we did piss people off by climbing/cutting through the barbed-wire perimeter. The blessing was that as we weren't hanging around on a street corner, everyone turned a blind-eye. Out of sight was out of mind. One was just expected to exercise common-sense.

The listing for the cache site will be going up in the next couple weeks and will not expect anyone to endanger their life to get it. I'm really not in the mood to be sued.

Whilst you're waiting for my cache listing to be published, you might want to pay a visit to another Cornish mine site that's been made safe and turned into a nature reserve. It's called Okel Tor and is in a lovely place right down by the River Tamar, in a place called Harewood, near Calstock. I lived in a Calstock several years back and never realised this place existed. It's not that I walk around with my eyes closed, honest.

The cache when listed will be called, "Back To Mine". If you want to see a picture of the mine site, have a look at image 4 on my gallery.
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