He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


I'm not a particularly religious person to be honest, so Easter has little significance to me - apart from being able to stuff my face with chocolate and have a couple days off work. However, this morning I thought I'd do a little search around on t'internet and have a look at a few blogs to get other people's perspectives on Easter. Does it really matter to anyone else? I thought I'd look at both ends of the spectrum.

Firstly, I discovered this. The "War on Easter" works on the school of thought that Jesus didn't really exist anyway and that telling children they should believe in a man who was nailed to a wooden cross or face the fiery pits of hell is a bad thing. The site encourages an activist stance, asking people to go on "missions" into churches and leave fliers or anti-Christian DVDs in visible places. I really am not sure about this. Sure, I can't say I've ever been Christianity's number one fan, but this form of activism seems to be equally bad in opposition. It's pushing non-belief. Perhaps I just fall into the "let people believe what they want to believe" category. Ignorance is bliss. Or something....

..and then there's this. Sickeningly sweet, this blog is in full celebratory mode, with complements of the season being exchanged between all. However, as one of the posters says, "Remember what this was for". I hadn't forgotten, thank you.

The whole Easter thing just doesn't sit well with me. Lazy oaf that I am, I'll take my bank holidays, but the fact that we're celebrating an event of such barbarism really does make me scratch my head. Someone was nailed to a cross. We then tell children the story of Easter and the fact that eggs are symbolic of Christ's tomb. Really. It's just not right. We are warped.

Have an enjoyable long weekend.
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