He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Site Update

As you might have gathered, the test was successful, resulting in a significant update. It's taken me quite a bit of time to transfer across 270 entries. There's also a few things I need to mention:

- Comments on old postings have been lost.
- Some of the layout may have slightly changed but the content is pretty much still the same.
- Minor posts (i.e. one liners) over a year old have been deleted. That's about 40 inconsequential postings.

Anyway, I'm pleased to leave iBlog behind, as it was getting quite large and unwieldy to use. It also had a habit of not keeping links updated properly, meaning that I had to do lots of other maintenance (usually recreation of the site and republishing) to correct the errors. Combine this with Rapidweaver's theme support and it means that the site can get more frequent make-overs when I get bored! I'll also be making use of summaries for long articles, which should mean that you find what you want a lot quicker.

Hopefully, you think it's an improvement too.
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