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Apologies if you've noticed my updates have been sporadic in nature recently. This has been down to my friendly ISP being a load of old arse. As a consequence, it's taken me about six or seven attempts each time to publish my daily update. Then I get e-mailed this...

Dear (name removed),

It recently came to our attention that a potential security problem existed on our website discussion forums (
http://portal.plus.net/central/forums/). It could have been possible to exploit the forum software, and retrieve an encrypted copy of the password details we hold for your account.

As a user of our forums, we are now emailing you to advise you of this, and of the next steps you should take. Although we have no evidence that a malicious attack has occurred, we can confirm that one of our customers proved this vulnerability, and subsequently contacted us. We would like to publicly thank that individual, and we have had assurances that any data obtained has now been destroyed.

We are now asking all customers in receipt of this email to change their account password as soon as possible, purely as a precaution. This can be done on-line, at the Account details section of our website -


So, on top of the mediocre service, we now rely on customers to bring up security issues?

Hmmmm, might be time to get my MAC code and change ISP, I think.
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