He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

About The Author

Born: 1972, in Plymouth, UK. Only child for 20 years. Lives near the Devon / Cornwall border.

Vital Info: Male. Has two arms, two legs and a head that works most of the time.

Likes: Cinema / Travel / All things Japanese / Music / Silence / Photography / Ju-jitsu / Shiny, geeky computing toys / Parrots / Writing / Snow / Trees.

Hates: Grammatically incorrect taxi companies / Concrete obscenities / NIMBYs / Insincerity / Heat-waves / Virtually all dogs / Linda Barker

Facts: Never inhaled / Married Twice / Divorced Once / Only famous person met - Charlie Dimmock / Environmental nutbar / Can't curl tongue / Left-handed.

+ves: Finally enjoying a sport (the Ju-jitsu), even though I'm only a lowly black-belt (2nd Dan).
Getting an A* at my GCSE in Japanese.
Managing to visit 31 countries of this lovely planet. (So far)
Being happy with life.

-ves: My mothers death at 50. Far too early.
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