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Pub Golf

I was having a clear-up on my hard-disk today, when I stumbled upon this - a little game called "pub golf".

DrinkList scorecard

It's something I put together a while back, when a bunch of us went on an outing for the day. It's a simple idea - 18 pubs, 9 hours. Each drink has a "par" and you have to finish the drink in as many (or less) swigs than the par in order to score. Those who don't drink (or love their liver) come along as "caddies" to keep an air of sobriety to the proceedings and fill in scoresheets, along with making sure that no-one cheats. Just like regular golf, minus scores = good and plus scores = not.

Anyway, feel free to download away. It's my no-obligation gift, no matter what you decide to do. I'm sure you could change it for your local town if you don't live in the Plymouth (UK) area. And even if you do, some of the drinking establishments might not be there any more, so you'll need to change it anyway - but you get the idea. At the time, I was pleased just to get around. From what I remember (which wasn't much), I scored about 10 under par. The winner at the time was -19.

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for the condition of your liver, or any other bits that fail during trying this. You're on your own.
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