He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


One year ago today there was an explosion at Buncefield, an oil storage depot.

It's strange really, I was actually away working in Sunderland this time last year, but for the weekend I took a Christmas shopping trip to London. The blast was something else. I was in bed at the time (it was about 6am) and I felt a huge shock-wave nearly pop the windows out of their frames. I was staying at a cheap Bed'n'Breakfast and the noise scared the shit out of me. Virtually all the nearby vehicles had their alarms triggered off and this was 30 miles away from the explosion, but there were reports of it being heard up to 100 miles away.

At the end of the weekend, as I flew back north, you could see the huge plume of smoke over a good chunk of the South East. It was all pretty freaky stuff, freakier still that we forget these things so quickly. The claims for the damage caused by the incident total well over half a billion quid.

There's a BBC Report on the incident here. (*clicky*)
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