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February's Frugality Challenge Update

...and here's February's update - it's been quite a productive month...

1) British Gas - By simply using less, I've managed to reduce my monthly payments by £9/month. If I can use less during the winter months, the summer should be easier still. Saving for the year: £99.

2) Insurance - Like most people, I have insurance that covers in case of death and critical illness. By changing my policies to something that's actually worthwhile (thanks, so called, "financial adviser"), I've saved myself quite a bit of money. Saving for the year: £420.42!

3) Breakdown Cover - As mentioned in my previous post, by using ETA, I'm saving £32 with approximately the same level of cover. (Actually, ETA will let you have a replacement vehicle for up to two weeks, versus the AA letting you have it for just 48hrs). Saving for the year: £32.

4) Shopping - I've continued to keep up the momentum and make savings. Savings for the month: £16.78

Total for February: £568.20
Total for 2007: £612.95 / £1,500.
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