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Sometimes you realise that there's some great stuff in your area that's just a few miles from home. Lopwell Dam is just such a place. I didn't even know it existed. Well, until today, that is.

I only become aware of it's existence when I found out that there was a Geocache there. The dam is actually quite large and is recognised as an area of outstanding natural beauty. Expert I'm not, but I'd agree that it's definitely a great place to go. On the drive down, I saw approximately 50 pheasant, loads of squirrels playing in the trees and swans around the river. With such visually abundant wildlife, I was starting to expect Bambi to frolic around the corner.

When you go there, you'll need to plan your timing a bit. For me, allowance an hour for the visit was about right, but you may feel differently - it depends what you intend to do there. Timing is important because the dam is subject to the tides and you'll only be able cross the dam when the tide is low. If you don't leave sufficient time, you'll be stranded. However, this time of year is an ideal time to go. The kids are back at school after the summer holidays and the weather is pleasant. The sun is still out and the chilliness of autumn hasn't fully kicked in yet. Oh - and don't forget to take your camera.

Further details are here: *clicky* (Site appears to be a bit clunky at the time of writing)
Tide times are here: *clicky*
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