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A few days ago, I ordered a basic handheld GPS unit, to assist me when I'm letterboxing. I also bought it to do some geocaching (entry to follow). As usual, you try and google around for the best prices and, as usual, there's a wide variety. What annoys me, however, is when some retailers deliberately attempt to mislead you. Here's an example:

See that price?

Click on the link - and the price goes up...

Click on the bit that finalises things before you confirm the order and the price goes up again, with that so-called "free" delivery.

That's about £10 more than the item was originally listed for on Google.

They'll probably sue my pants off when I say this, but Amazon are awful for displaying prices that gradually creep up and don't match the original search-engine listing. It's misleading to say the least and it also makes a mockery of their price listings. Price-comparison sites are no different. You may as well roll some dice to get the price - or perhaps you could just not use them at all, give up and go somewhere else.

I sent an e-mail to Amazon, asking them about why this happens and what they plan to do about it. The answer is nothing. When I first saw the item a while back, it was listed as £58.99, but with a whopping £13 for delivery. So much for their free delivery (again). The e-mail I received back said that because the item in question was being sold by a third-party that sells through Amazon's site, they couldn't guarantee the price and also couldn't guarantee the item to be exempt from postal-charges. My response was that if you're listing the price on a search-engine, it really would make sense if you made the price the same as the one you charge on your online store - and don't quote "free delivery", if it isn't.

The guy on the phone had nothing to say to that.

In the meantime, I've ordered the item from a different site - and I have no plans to use Amazon again. Sort the issue out, then I'll think again. Instead, I ordered from GlobalGizmos. They were so good that they even changed their delivery method for the item from UPS to Royal Mail Special Delivery for me when I said I couldn't stay in all day waiting for the delivery, bless 'em.

Has anyone else had issues such as this with Amazon (or any other e-tailer?)
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