He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

3 Weeks to grading...

I'm at a low in motivational levels at the moment, mainly because I feel like I've got the brains of a goldfish. The reason for this is that I have to learn approximately 25 new techniques in order to pass my next grading exam. There are 20 revolving around self defence, including knives, guns and pointy sticks. There are 2 involving elbows, (don't ask, although an elbow to the face isn't nice), there is one knife technique and a couple stances too.

The problem I've got is that of the 20 main self defence techniques, I'll usually forget one. When I remember the one I forgot, I forget something else. I have a brain that works on a teabag principle - lots of holes, which let things just go in and back out again - and it's irritating, because I can do it and I've got better fitness now, it's just remembering it all. I've now got to remember about 80 different techniques. How does anyone ever make it to a black belt?

"Sir, please stop - my brain is now full".

I just hope that sheer practice time will crack it - if you throw enough shit, something has to stick.
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