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School = no hug zone?

When I was a young'un, I used to go to Callington Community College. I therefore couldn't help but look when I was told that the school had got into the news because the current headmaster had tried to ban hugging. Of course, if you look on the site for the school, you won't find anything in the form of a statement, as there's obviously been some sort of hasty retraction, but it's amusing nonetheless. The ban changed to "discourage". Of course, thanks to Google's cached page (*clicky*) for pointing that one out.

These days, people don't get much in the way of human contact. Friendly human contact is a good thing, essential for our mental well-being. Unfortunately, we're probably more used to beating the crap out of each other than hugging, so it's rather sad when such conduct is frowned on and deemed inappropriate - a case of the British stiff upper lip, perhaps? That said, I remember that there used to be a rule in place stating that the sexes were not allowed to come more than within a foot of each other, so perhaps this isn't such a remarkable thing after all.

Anyway, here are the links:

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P.S.: It would also be good if Ms Kramer could spell "Citizenship". (*clicky*)
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