He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

4 Minutes

I've been to Japan a few times now, and whilst I've been there I've collected a reasonable amount of video footage. So, after a bit of editing in iMovie, here's the result - 4 Minutes - Shaky camera hand and all.

I've tried to encompass everything I could in here - Gardens, bullet trains, koi, pachinko, baseball, the madness of Tokyo, etc.. etc.. I can think of other stuff I should have put in there, but more will come in the future as I get more footage. I'd like some sumo, /kabuki and temple shots as the one shot I've got in there doesn't do Japan justice. Unfortunately, YouTube/Google seem to take what was reasonable quality video and make it rather grainy, so some of the clarity is lost. Sorry 'bout that.

When opportunity allows, I'll also subtitle it with placenames, so that you can put a place to an image.

Anyway, if nothing else enjoy the music. (Hexstatic - Perfect Bird)
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