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Black Sheep

Plot overview: Sheep go on a killing-spree when they are infected by a virus from an evil aborted infected sheep genetic experiment thingy. Expect to see lots of sheep flying through the air, eating flesh - and plenty of ketchup. Yes, the ketchup levels would make a greasy spoon balk.

Who's in it?: Nobody you'd probably know - the film is a fairly low-budget affair made in New Zealand (where they take their sheep seriously). That almost sounds like an insult - I didn't quite mean it like that. I meant that there's actors and stuff there, but you won't really care, because after ten minutes they'll probably have a sheep dangling from their neck.

Is it any good?: The story is somewhat formulaic, if you can say such a thing about mutant killer sheep. The effects are done in a more traditional way, not via CGI and this makes it a bit more fun. The characters are somewhat stereotypical - the eco warrior, the businessman, the scientist, etc... but as the film doesn't take itself seriously, you can forgive it. Oh, and there's fart jokes too. That makes any film good, doesn't it?

Should I go and see it?: That depends. If psychotic sheep are your thing, then the answer is yes. You have to appreciate the tongue-in-cheek nature of the film. It made me chuckle at times, but I didn't need to duck-tape my ribs together. Perhaps it takes a lot to make me laugh, but I didn't think it was funny enough. Low budget it may be, but good laughs largely come from a well-written script. Then again, if you can get in the cinema on the cheap (i.e. like on an Orange Wednesday), then you won't be wasting your money.

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