He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


Over the weekend, I went out with some friends for a curry. Whilst the company was good, the curry wasn't. For most that know me, that's quite a damning summary because I'll eat just about anything that vaguely looks curryesque. The restaurant staff were surly, the food mediocre and the prices hiked up by an appropriate amount to offset the "50% discount" being touted by the sign outside. The general quality of the clientele (ourselves excepted, of course) was also poor, only seeming able to communicate by drunken giggling and "waaaaahaaaaayy". After years of dragging their knuckles, most had skin missing from the backs of their hands. It was a poor show, a poor show indeed.

It was also a shame, because an award-winning Indian restaurant was next door. Ho hum. Another day, perhaps.
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