He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


For four years, I've been working what most people would say is an unconventional shift pattern. It means that I have my "weekend" on other days - namely Wednesday and Thursday.

Of course, this means I love Tuesdays. This is because they're my Fridays, although it's not just the fact it's the end of my working week, because other things happen. I'll usually stop by the special brownie shop on the way into work and get a couple for myself and partner. I've also accrued a lot of time off, so inevitably I'll leave work early and get a chance to listen to Zane Lowe on the radio whilst going home, along with training that evening. Simple pleasures.

Going out on my weekend is easy. Restaurants are rarely busy on Wednesdays (tomorrow being an exception) and Orange Wednesdays makes going to the cinema half the price. It's all good.

Additionally, when I've gone back to work after my weekend, your Saturday is my Tuesday. I rather like Tuesdays (Saturdays) and Wednesdays (Sundays) because the office is virtually empty - meaning that I can get lots of work done without distraction. It's great.

Shiftwork ain't all bad, y'know. There's no way I'd go back to Monday to Friday, nine 'til five.
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