He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Wot no Constable?

Since I moved into my place, my loft has been an area I've largely avoided - and probably for good reason. The previous owner decided that he obviously couldn't be bothered with clearing it out, so muggins here had some fun doing it tonight. My hand was somewhat forced, as I've got electricians coming in a couple weeks time and they'll need access to the loft in order to work on the ceiling space above my bathroom.

I think the previous occupants just liked storing shite. I found 3 boxes for DVDs and Video players, a TV stand, a food heater (a bit like the candle ones you get in Indian restaurants), a cordless drill (which works), the bits to hang a shower on a wall (courtesy of that quality emporium called Trago Mills), a joystick (a Logitech one that must be about 10 years old, that quaintly describes itself as a "lite" stick, but looks like you fly Jumbos with it) and something that looks like a strange stool on wheels which proudly advertises that it's made from moulded rubber.

Whatever floats your boat, I guess. Should make for an interesting evening of sado-masochism.

Anyway, that's filled up my car ready for the recycling centre in the morning - but unfortunately there's still about 2 car loads of stuff still up there!
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