He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


Indecisive is the word of the day. I had a few things that I wanted to write about, but couldn't decide on which one to go for, so today's blog entry is a true committee decision, giving a bit of everything, but inevitably not satisfying anyone.

As the saying goes, "a person has thousands of thoughts each day". Here's just six of mine.

1) Bankruptcy - The first thing I noticed was on the BBC News today, which stated that the South West of England has the highest rate of bankruptcies in the UK. The BBC puts it down the large amount of sole traders and seasonal businesses. Whilst it's true that they exist, it's probably due to the fact that wages are piss-poor in relation to house prices. An extremely large amount of jobs around my area pay the minimum wage and unfortunately, the minimum wage doesn't pay the average mortgage these days. Plymouth is full of call centres and customer service, with the job scene being as bad as ever - even the local paper doesn't run their regular job section some weeks, due to there not being any. I'd better stop there before it turns into a rant.

2) Cats & Dogs - I was starting to think that with the recent bad weather, we'll soon need to refer to Britain as having a monsoon season instead of Winter. It's not like it actually gets cold any more, does it? Maybe I'm just getting old, but 25 years ago, I'm sure winters were colder, everything tasted nicer and a pound sounded like a lot of money.

3) Homicide - I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was trying to influence my dreams - and I think it worked. You know how running away from things (and usually not getting anywhere) is quite a commonly recurring dream theme? Well, when I'd twigged I was dreaming, I changed things. It was really strange. For some reason, I was being chased by two policemen because I'd stolen something (I can remember what). Instead, I decided to stop running and stab one of them in the shoulder - my weapon of choice? A golf umbrella with a very sharp pointy end. Hmmmm, better stop there before I make myself out to be a total nut-case, as I found the whole thing quite an enjoyable experience.

4) Lump - I've had a few interruptions in my exercise regime in recent months and this has (rather annoyingly) impacted upon my fitness. The first time was the two week Christmas break, the second when I damaged my knee. By a rather unscientific method I've come to the conclusion that about ten days of inactivity will totally undermine the fitness generated by about 5 weeks of constant activity. I ran for a little while last week, but shall start properly again tomorrow. Third time lucky, perhaps. This yo-yoing is starting to get on my nerves.

5) Taxis - Why are they allowed to use bus lanes? I mean, they're a car for god's sake - and we're supposed to be taking cars off the road. A taxi will run someone to their destination and then sit in a lay-by for a while, probably with his engine running until his next job comes around. How environmentally friendly is that? Surely, if we're allowing people to use those lanes for environmental reasons, we should let only cyclists and mass-passenger transport (i.e. buses) use it, as they're the only people who are taking steps to reduce their carbon emissions. I can imagine the protests from cabbies already.

6) Wee Bairns - Today, somebody showed me some pictures of their baby. They were the proudest father on the planet, bless 'em. There was much gushing about how happy they were. Unfortunately, I looked at the pictures and just saw a baby. It was hard to get enthusiastic. I just don't do kids very well at all.

And there you are, you've seen the sort of crap that buzzes around my head in one day. Lucky you.
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