He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


Today was a rather good day. A pay-rise that I've been waiting for for over six months finally materialised - and the backdated amount was something tangible which could help towards Christmas.

Well, most of it will anyway. Some has been earmarked for a little project I've been intending to kick off - and it involves Lego.

You probably think I've regressed into a Baldrick-like figure, blowing his money on a modern-day giant turnip. Hell, you wouldn't be the first. Actually, I don't intend to play with it - I intend to make a film with it by having a go at stop-motion animation.

The process is a fairly simple one. You set up your scene (in Lego, obviously), and take a digital photo for each frame of animation. You can then use a tool like iMovie or iStopMotion to stitch it all together, resulting in a movie that you can then show.

If you've never heard of people making movies with Lego, it might be worth having a look at brickfilms.com, which seems to have a huge following of Lego animators. Competitions are run on themes and critique is made upon special effects, script, quality of animation, etc...

So if you'd like to see two pretty impressive short-movies, you could do worse than have a look here and here. In the meantime, I've off to play with my bricks...
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