He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Flesh vs Metal

Remember public-information adverts? The 70's were full of crap things, but the public-information film was one of the few good things to come out of the decade, even if just for the entertainment value. Remember the immortal words of that kid trying to get his frisbee, screaming,"JIMMY!" Well, here's another classic....

...and we really, really need them back. Soon. Common sense would appear to need constant reinforcement.

As a driver, I seem to be encountering a new attitude amongst pedestrians. When crossing the road (contrary to Mr Pertwee's good advice), instead you should do either of the following:

1) Totally ignore the vehicle whatsoever. I mean, it doesn't matter, does it? After all, if the driver runs you over (even though it was your own stupid fault), you can always sue them, can't you?

2) Scowl. Don't forget, a really big glowering scowl will make the driver shrivel in his seat - and then he's bound not to run you over. Coz you're 'ard.

It amazes me that a frail 80kg bag of skin and bones wants to argue with a 1 ton lump of metal travelling at speed, but maybe I'm just not with it. In the past two days, I've nearly hit a drunken 20 something who tried the scowl technique and today, ironically, I nearly hit a mother who had two kids with her. The kids saw me - and stupidly enough, she encouraged them to walk out in front of me - at the entrance to a building site and on the corner of a junction. In both cases I've been the observant one who avoided an incident, luckily travelling at less than 10mph in both cases.

I wonder what the figures are for pedestrian traffic accidents over the last few years? I wonder if they've increased, like drink-driving?
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