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Depressing Music

Wednesday's a shopping day. As I pushed my trolley around a certain supermarket that shall rename nameless, I heard music playing over the tannoy. Why they need to do this, I don't know. Is it proven that musak sells more beans? My trusty Apple spell-checker doesn't know the word "tannoy" and suggests the word, "annoy" instead - it's not as thick as it looks.

Anyway, I'm wandering off the point here....

...as I shopped, one track played was by The Carpenters (*clicky*), which started to make me think, "Are The Carpenters, just maybe, the most depressing music act in the world?". Why is it, whenever I hear the incessant droning of Karen Carpenter, that I feel a sudden urge to run to the razor blade aisle? She could have been singing about winning the lottery, or perhaps the happiest time of her life, but the fact is, that she sucks all happiness out of whatever she sings. Perhaps it's also the fact that she was one of those music people who died young that supports my argument further.

People always made jokes about The Smiths or The Cure being a depressing bunch - bugger that, at least they put some life into their act. Karen Carpenter sucks it back out.

Any other acts spring to mind?
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