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Memoirs Of A Geisha

I couldn't make my mind up on this film, so I split things down into positives and negatives:


  • Steven Spielberg (His last good film was Schindler's list - and remember what he did to A.I.? Ick.)
  • Chinese lead. (A big faux-pas, considering they're supposed to be Japanese)
  • Taken from a huge novel. (How can it be condensed down so far and still convey the story well?)


  • The Chinese lead does a very good job, even if it really isn't right.
  • Amazing cinematography (the dance scene is something special).
  • Cultural accuracy - the streets, temples and sumo basho have been well recreated.

In all, it's a good film - it's just not a great one. It's enjoyable to watch, even if you feel like there are odd moments when you should be boo-ing and hissing at the "evil" geisha - a bit like a pantomime. Nonetheless, there are worse things you could go out and see - and at two and a half hours, it's not too long a film to endure. In short, the film had a lot of potential, of which it certainly delivered on the visuals (Spielberg's traits come out again), even if the story doesn't entirely come through 100%.
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