He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Bloater (2)

Just got back tonight from meal of the month number two, at a place called Arribas - a Mexican restaurant (just in case you hadn't guessed).

It was thoroughly good stuff. They've also got a nice bar upstairs which is a pleasant and comfy affair, decked out in sofas and low lighting, along with music that isn't too loud and makes you want to cut your ears off - it was more like a chill-out room. It's a good place to go before the meal and to unwind afterwards. The meal itself had very generous portions, was delicious and wasn't extortionate. I believe they also do quite a reasonable lunch menu.

You can count that as an endorsement. I know I've linked it before, but I'll link it again. (*clicky*)

And no, they don't play the music on the website in the restaurant, thank God.

I sometimes dread work-related meals. They seem like a good idea at the time, until you hear....

"I didn't order that, I ordered....."
"Can I pay by cheque?"
"I don't know why we don't just split the lot and pay the same"
"Anyone got a calculator?"


This is usually where I lose all patience.

Anyway, none of this happened tonight. Everyone got what they should have, paid the right amounts with no fuss and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe I was lucky, or maybe organising meals is my forte. Who knows?

I think number three will be Chinese.
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