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British Gas, kiss my....

When I lived back at my last address, I used to have my electricity supplied by a company called Good Energy (*clicky*), who only supplied electricity generated by renewable forms (i.e. wind, solar), so it was something of a disappointment to find that when I moved into my house, British Gas were supplying everything (the gas and electricity) and to be honest, not doing it very well.

So, I tried to change back to Good Energy - not an easy task.

It has taken me 13 months to get there, but finally, I have. They have billed me for someone else's readings, billed me for meters that don't exist, billed me at the wrong rates and billed me for stuff I don't use. Partially I suspect this was also because the previous owner was doing a scam to ensure that he got billed at the "off peak" rate for peak electricity, but I digress.... And every time I put a change request in to transfer companies, they would put in an objection. In fact, I have never known a company act so aggressively (and incorrectly) to ensure you couldn't go elsewhere. They would then send letters which said things like, "...so we had no option but to object to the transfer...". Exceptionally infuriating, especially if you've ever had to endure their hold music for half an hour to actually speak to a person.

So, I'm back with Good Energy again, which makes me feel just a little bit better - and allows me to take another step towards being carbon-neutral. Not an easy task.
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