He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


Yesterday, I spent about 16hrs of my day going to and from Newcastle. Believe it or not, I flew (and yes, it still took a long time).

As it took so long, you can understand that I got bored. So, whilst sat in the airport lounge I decided to try something out. There were so many people here, nobody would know it's me....

I started up my Powerbook and got bluetooth going.

It scanned and scanned.

And scanned and scanned.

I had an entire airport lounge of people who obviously don't switch bluetooth off on their phones when they're not using it. Within about 5 minutes of scanning, I had at least a dozen devices and addresses to have fun with, so I picked a contact and sent "U R Bluejacked" to them from my mobile (I should add that both devices were not discoverable themselves). In an area such as that, you have quite a selection of people within 10 metres-ish of you, so I kept my eyes peeled.

As I looked around, I saw a woman in her mid forties hurriedly switch her phone off - and my contact transmission failed. But it was fun nonetheless, as I worked out who I'd bluejacked.

Looks like I have a new game to play in crowds to while away the hours....
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