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Strike Twice?

Since the resumption of the rain on Wednesday evening, the weather has gone rather strange, with thunderstorms not just once, but on two consecutive evenings. However, this evenings lightning was nowhere near as spectacular as last night (~1am), which gradually got closer and closer until it's peak at about 1:30am.

Usually, you see the lightning, then hear the thunder, but last night the distance was non-existent, evident by the fact that the flash (I think) struck not that far away from the house. There are some fields and rather large trees over the other side of the river, about 150 metres away - I believe it struck there.

Interestingly enough, the sound of lightning striking sounds not like a rumble, but more like someone ripping apart velcro. The sound lasts for about a second. It's a really weird noise, but you know exactly what it is when you hear it. I also know it struck lucky by the brief power-cut that happened immediately afterwards. Luckily, the trip-switches cut in and avoided any blow-outs.

The weather is getting freakier and freakier, even the die-hard sceptics must soon accept that global warming has a part to play, surely?
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