He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


After all the punishment I've taken in training recently, I'm glad it's a new month. I've just been paid and can afford some physio again. This time, though, I had an unexpected bonus when my physiotherapist threw in a bit of something else for free.

No, potty-mind. I don't mean that. I got some acunpuncture.

This is a first for me, having never had it before. I'm glad the idea was put to me at short-notice, because under normal circumstances I hate needles, wuss as I am, and this would have just given me more time to think about it, which wouldn't have been good.

Of course, in reality, acupuncture needles are very fine - so you barely feel them being inserted. After having about seven or eight of these inserted into my back, there I lay - and strange things started to happen. My shoulder started to warm up. Ten minutes later, when the needles were removed, the pain was gone. Freaky.

I don't know how these things work. It seems inconceivable that sticking a needle into your body should make you feel better, but it does. For the moment, I'll just have to leave someone else to explain how it works, but in the meantime I think I'm a convert.
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