He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


The site is aptly named, as that's how you feel when playing. I started playing a couple days ago and I'm starting to think I've now got a split personality.....

You start by creating a person that exists within the virtual world. You can do more than just look around things, you can totally interact with them - people, vehicles, machines, etc... you name it. The "grid" (world) even has it's own currency and allows full trading.

Probably the best thing is that it costs absolutely nothing to sign up and play - it only costs if you want a permanent home in the world, which works out at about £6/month, but I'll continue to be a cheapskate, thanks.

It seems that people take part for many reasons. Some are graphic artists who want to create fantastic virtual worlds, some are just socialites who just want to chat, some want to make money by selling their wares, but for me, the fun is the exploring. There are thousands of different islands, and the detail and accuracy on some are amazing. Probably the most impressive one I've seen so far is a recreation of central Dublin, which I had fun in when I borrowed a moped and had a ride around! I have to admit to being very unsociable in it and not really talking to anyone, but the single person I have spoken to says that it's a very compulsive, but enjoyable game to play.

You'll need a good broadband connection and a reasonably good computer with 3d capabilities (and sound, of course) to take part in it. I can see myself going back to it again and again as the grid evolves. For me, this is the first attempt at a 3D environment that seems to work well. Take a look... (*clicky*)

Footnote: I'll add some screenshots in the coming days to give you an idea of what I'm on about...
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