He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Boof! Ugh!

Today, I was talking to a colleague about my involvement in Ju-Jitsu, which provoked the question, "So, like, everyone really tries to punch you?".

At that moment, a wry smile was brought to my face as I thought of how funny it would be to run a session using "school playground rules". We could all do "play fights", and swing wildly at each other with our right arms (in slow motion, of course), each person taking about six mime-punches before being knocked out - and if we really wanted a realistic look, we'd put an open left hand near the target person and punch that instead, so that it made a good smacking sound. Oh, to be eight again.

Boof! Ugh! Aaieeeeeee!
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