He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


The fiasco with my ISP continues, so whilst I couldn't train this evening (having not been well), I decided to start doing a search for alternative providers. My current front-runner is ADSL24, which seems to allow quite a large monthly bandwidth allowance (30GB daytime, plus 300GB at weekends and evenings), along with having the necessary web-space and CGI support that I need to ensure my sites continue running. On top of that, they seem to be generally well spoken of. And they're only £20/month.

The whole matter with Plusnet is somewhat annoying - after changing my e-mail address just a few months back (and staying spam-free), they have effectively undermined me to the point where I'm now getting a significant amount of spam per day. A post-mortem of the event is due soon and Plus are to publish a report on what went wrong. It will make interesting reading.

Nonetheless, I suspect I shall be getting a MAC code and transferring. It's a shame the whole thing can't be done without any disruption.

Update: The report has been published and the alleged perpetrators of this incident are apparently Russian. Having read some of the other details on the report, I'm glad I'm using a Mac as it appears that there were further exploits that affected Windows users. It's time to get those tin-foil hats on....
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