He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

(A)bort (R)ename (D)elete

I'm seriously considering a name change. I clash.

My name clashes with a lot with other people at work.

  • Another employee has exactly the name as me.
  • Three people have my surname.
  • Four people who work fairly closely with me have the same christian name.
  • Several have the same initials. This is annoying because everyone gets referred to by their initials.

It's also a pain in the arse when you think someone is calling your name - and they're asking for someone else.

Perhaps my name is just common. Pah.

My father had the right idea, reversing his first and middle names - perhaps I should follow suit? Or perhaps I could be given an entirely name?

Something that isn't too derogatory may be considered.
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