He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

I did it myyyyyyyy way.

Whilst out today, I bumped into someone I went to university with. It's been ten years since I've seen this person, but to be honest he didn't look any different. We spent ten minutes "catching up". That's about a minute per year, I guess.

As the conversation continued, I explained that during that ten years, I'd changed employer six times, had been married (past tense) and had done a reasonable amount of travelling, including living in Ireland for six months. I also explained that I no longer worked in I.T. - something I'm now quite happy about.

He told me that he was still with the same employer and hadn't been up to much, nor had he really seen any of our fellow classmates. In fact, to him, nothing had happened at all. In ten bloody years. Had this guy gone around with his eyes closed? Did life just pass him by?

Which proves unanimously that you never look back in regret at the stuff you did, only the stuff you didn't.
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