He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


Aggression is an interesting thing. I don't think you can fake it. Real aggression comes from moments when you really lose it - and I figured I must have been pretty close tonight.

When training tonight, we did a small and simple "self-defence" round. It's a simple idea, you have someone trying to knock your block off for a set amount of time and you keep them at bay. It usually means that you have to keep a good succession of throwing techniques to hand and is quite a tiring affair, so we usually keep some sort of time limit on it - unless you flake out, of course.

When I attacked my partner, I tried to throw punches at him like I really, really meant it. This didn't mean much on the first one, but once he'd smashed me to the the ground, I immediately bounced back up and was actually on the verge of seeing red. My subsequent punch came in a way that would have probably separated his head from his body, poor chap. Bang. Down I went again, but instead, the rage was making me get up again in a matter of a second, before he'd composed himself from the previous technique.

And so it continued, I went like a mad one (even growling as I tried to connect) and he continued to block.

Eventually, we both sat on the mats, knackered. It had seemed like we'd gone on forever.

"How long were we doing that for?", I asked.
"Thirty-six seconds", came the reply.

This goes to prove that time is relative.
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