He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


Tuesday has been a good day, a good day indeed.

I had the phone call this morning - my car was finally back on the road. On hearing the news, I drove the discourtesy vehicle back to the hire company and dispatched it. Before I got out, I checked the vehicle over - it was cleaner than when I picked it up. I'd even left more fuel in the tank. The company hadn't cleaned the vehicle whatsoever before I collected it, so I felt a return of the favour was in order. Originally, the floor was covered in nutshells as someone had been eating a bag of peanuts and raisins. There was still an unopened bag in the glove box. However, the bigger surprise was that there was a banana behind the bag.

I decided to leave it there. It's at least two weeks old so far. Whilst I've hoovered and pressure washed the vehicle, there is a strange smell inside, almost like someone has died. The rather mouldy banana is secreted behind all the owners manuals, so it won't be immediately visible - it's a derivative on the "prawns in your curtain pole" prank.

Anyway, one of the hire guys drove me to the repair company and I had one of those moments - where someone has a "feature" about them that you can't help but look at, no matter how hard you try not to. This fifty-something chap had the most virulent nasal hair I've ever seen. Whilst we trundled towards Plympton and put the world to rights on matters such as Afghanistan and why the Drake's Circus Shopping Centre is nothing but a hideous eyesore, I tried my best to avoid staring at his nose-foliage.

The repair guys have done a good job of patching up my vehicle, which goes a little way towards redressing how shambolic their administrative department is....

...and so on to Ju-Jitsu. Well, I trained - and escaped without injury. I'm so pleased that in such a short space of time, I've got myself active again. There were two routines that were a Really Bad Idea and better for me not to do, but the night went extremely well. Whilst I'll never be perfect, I managed to carry off all my blue belt throws - which means that once I've mastered the twelve techniques of the 2nd Ippon Kumite (I've just realised that this sounds mythological), I'll be in a position where I can just practice, practice, practice and then, who knows?
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