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Ethically Sound Trainers

You'll probably have seen in my last post, where I decided to get some running shoes. I really should ask why I make it so hard for myself, but I also decided that wherever I got them, I wanted them to be ethically sound - meaning that I didn't want them to be made in some Asian sweatshop. It rests easier with my conscience.

As luck would have it, I immediately found a pair in the first sports shop I went into. They're made by New Balance and if you want to have a look at the manufacturer website, click *here*. They're pretty good. They make stuff in the UK (not entirely though, although they're better than most manufacturers I could mention *cough* *Nike*). Interestingly enough, they're also good if you're a Vegan, as there's not a hint of cow in there at all.

I can also report that they fit very snugly and do a good job too! (And they only cost me £25, which was nice).
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