He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

The Honesty Test (2)

Well, a little while back I told you I was going to have an "Honesty Day" (*clicky*). So, here's a bullet point summary of my findings from the day in question:

1) The experiment generally went well. It was a liberating experience which no doubt I shall do again. Admittedly it was hard work, namely because I had to think hard about every single thing I said, but nonetheless, it was worthwhile. No doubt, as you become more used to being totally honest, it gets easier.

2) The main thing you have to be wary about is that many don't know how to take honesty. It's almost like they can't take it at all. Is that because they have an over-inflated self-belief, they're delusional, or nobody else has been honest with them and they've formed incorrect perceptions? At this stage, however, I'm not going to go that far and ask, if you don't mind.

3) It is possible to be honest without being rude. No, really, it is.

4) The occasional individual will actually thank you for your honesty.

The most important point, however, is that you will confuse people by your potential change in behaviour - and maybe that's the enjoyable bit. Never underestimate the fun that can be had by making people think. This is a good thing.
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