He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

It's In The Genes

Analysing my eating habits over the last couple months, I've noticed something - the amount of meat I'm eating is gradually getting less and less.

This shouldn't really be a surprise, my father has been a vegetarian for many years. I guess it's in the genes. Curiously enough though, my reasons for reduced consumption are threefold - and they don't have anything to do with animal welfare:

i) I just don't crave meat much any more.
ii) I don't like the bloated and sluggish feeling I get when I eat it, especially with red meat.
iii) I just like vegetables.

I haven't eaten a burger for about 4 months - New Year's Eve to be precise. I haven't eaten a steak in significantly longer and as for bacon and sausages, well, I've barely touched them in months. Today, we went out to one of those places that does carveries. It was all jolly nice, but I thought that all the veg on offer was actually a lot more enjoyable than the meat.

Mmmmmm, roasted parsnips.

I'm not going to force the matter though. I'll continue to let my appetite for meat continue to fade. To declare myself a vegetarian tomorrow would be folly, as I'd probably be eating a bacon sarnie in days due to feeling deprived - as soon as you deny yourself something, you want it. Nonetheless, it does all go to show that as you get older, your taste in food changes.
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