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Solar Stuff (3)

This evening, I got my final solar power tweaks done - and everything is working marvellously. After using some panels that generated about 28 watts of power, I've finally gone for something a bit more beefy. The panels were fairly old technology, but I've now invested in a panel that was basically the same size as the previous two combined, but generates 250% more energy! (Which goes to show how things have moved on).

So, I'm now using a single Kyocera 65w panel, which is doing amazingly well, even when it's not very sunny. In fact, it's a good job I have the solar controller hooked up, otherwise I'd be cooking the battery.

This panel generates enough charge (up to 4 amps of current) such that I can continue to use the panel and it will even continue to charge the battery at the same time. It's quite impressive stuff.

Anyway, now things are set up, it'll be interesting to see how it fares over the long term - and whether my electricity bill comes down as a result. I'll post a few basic images tomorrow so that you can see the final set-up.
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