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Beer & Bruises

This morning, I woke up aching. I ached all over. My chest, shoulders, back, legs and arms hurt - nowhere was excluded from the party. I attributed this not to being thrown down the stairs in my sleep, but feeling the aftermath of what has now become the ritualistic three-hour training session the day before.

There was one small difference this time - I ran it - with some help, of course.

It wasn't too bewildering. I'm not scared of dealing with people. At work I manage approximately 45 staff, a position which involves dealing with some very awkward personalities. I've also done volunteer work, working with children. Believe it or not, I was once a Cub Scout Leader for nearly seven years - and hell, most people know my opinions on children - but at the time, it was right.

And whilst last night was a weird affair, effectively instructing people in how to perform ju-jitsu techniques, it could have gone a lot worse. As a newbie white-belt three years ago, I never thought I'd see myself get this far.

Of course, the main question you're probably asking is why I was doing such a thing in the first place. That's because I will probably be volunteering my time and services to help with the start-up of a new ju-jitsu group for teenagers - I never thought I'd be a volunteer again. It's all very strange.

Anyway, no matter what the problem is - be it a comet on a collision course with Earth or a variety of aches and pains, there's always a solution: Beer. Healing, mystical, all powerful beer.

So today, I got up early and with some friends made our way to the Newton Abbot Beer Festival, as you can see below. See? That's beer, that is. That's just a small snapshot of nearly 300 varieties of the stuff. It's literally beer-tastic...

Beer consumption in progress...

...which all added up to a rather enjoyable day - even if the public transport was something of a fiasco. Whether that was because it's Friday the 13th or the British rail system being shit, I'll leave to you. However, for a beer-related recommendation I can whole-heartedly suggest Wessex's Lost Gerbil. It's smooth, very drinkable, smells of peaches (no, really - it does) and is 7.2%. Just a couple of pints does the trick, believe me.

The web-site for the venue is here: (*clicky*)
Want to see the list of the several hundred beers on offer? (*clicky*)
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