He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Random acts of kindness.

Had something rather nice happen to me at work yesterday.

A random woman said "Hello", asked for me by name (I'd never met her before) and presented me with a bottle of single malt, with her thanks.

I'd forgotten that about five days beforehand, I'd taken a phone call from a distressed lady who'd lost her wedding ring on the previous nights shift. She lost it when washing her hands in the loos. By quickly intervening with the cleaner, I managed to save her the previous days rubbish bags - where amazingly, she managed to find her ring again. I was just quite chuffed that I'd tracked it down and managed to get it back for her - the whisky was a definite bonus, though. It also restores some faith in human nature when such expensive things don't just grow legs and get nicked. It was a gold ring with several diamonds in it.

Those sort of things make your day and take the edge off going to work. It's nice to be appreciated. Gasp)
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