He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


This evening, I had a long debate with a friend in the pub about women - mostly brought on by the fact that he'd been admiring the barmaid. We exchanged two different points of view when it came to attractiveness, which should not be confused with beauty. Attractiveness is the package, whereas beauty a single characteristic. Our two theories were thus:

1) His theory - The perfect woman is out there. If you were scoring each of her facets (we'll be polite), you would arrive at 10/10 for each. Admittedly, these sort of people are in short supply, but they exist. Likewise, there are some unfortunates at the other end of the scale. A bit of random distribution exists throughout the human race, meaning that the majority are average people, who would be somewhere around the 5 out of 10 mark, but in slightly lower percentages there were people who scored 8 (or 3, perhaps) across all the categories.

2) My theory - Mother nature in her infinite wisdom gave each person a (more or less) equal and finite amount of "talent points". They could be distributed around as Mrs Nature saw fit, but if one area (such as beauty) was exceptionally high, it probably meant a deficiency in another area - such as an irrational hate of all other human beings, a saggy arse or being thick as pig-shit, reinforcing my point that nobody is perfect - the antithesis to his argument.

As previously mentioned, beauty is only one part of being attractive. Intelligence and personality (amongst other things) come into it just as much as everything else and whilst the theories are mentioned in a female context in this article, I'm sure that us blokes conform just as well.

It's sufficient to say that we didn't agree, leading me to suggest that I shall research my theory and conclusively prove that my theory rules supreme. I'm going to do this by writing a little research paper, explaining my talent-point system and using famous people throughout history to prove my theory.

I've obviously got too much time on my hands.
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