He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Flossin' Your Grip Of Cheddar

Sometimes I download video podcasts. They're usually free, but as a consequence there's some sort of advertising beforehand. I keep seeing this one and it's almost viral, I kid you not.

After seeing it a few times, it's amazing how it can stick in your head. All I could think was, "What the hell does stacks of heads, chisland in the heazy mean?". I sought answers - enter my good friend, the trusty Slang Dictionary. Now fully enlightened, I can provide you with a translation:

"Homie was flossin' his grip of cheddar" - This gentleman appears to be affluent chap, expressing his wealth by showing a not too inconsiderable sum of hard currency.

"There were stacks of heads, chizzlin' in the heezie" - There were many people, enjoying a pleasant state of relaxation in the house.

"His whip is a janky hooptie" - This young gentleman's car is a vehicle of considerable age and mileage.

So there you go. Dalliard.net cleans another mystery up for the confused masses (i.e. me). I am now fully with it, down with the kids and da bomb, with a little bit of federal thrown in for good measure. Word.
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