He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


I'm surprised I've managed to do any updates on here at all, to be honest - I've not spent any time indoors.

On Saturday, I did my regular 3.5 mile run - as part of my Tavy 7 training.
On Monday we walked 5 miles around the Sheepstor area.
On Tuesday I walked 6 miles, doing some random geocaching.
On Wednesday I walked 4 miles with my partner, around Ingra and Leedon Tor.
Today, I walked 5.25 miles, doing a walk from Pork Hill to Kings Tor/Roos Tor and back.

I figure that's nearly 24 miles. A few more and I've done a marathon this week.

See? There's a reason I'm short - I've worn down my legs.
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