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Running Mates

A while back when I started running, I started to look through my music collection to dig out tracks that actually helped you run. Here's the result of the first sweep of my music library. I've got 3,000+ tracks, so this will undoubtedly change a fair bit over time.

The thing you have to bear in mind here is that these are not the best tracks of all time, they merely keep you going (no, smart-arse - they don't move your legs for you). The tracks have a bit of energy and/or something with a tempo or identifiable beat that you can match your pace to. So, for example E.L.O.'s Mr Blue Sky has that amazing orchestral back-beat. It works a treat, believe me. Running is pretty boring stuff, so the right music makes all the difference.

Anyway, here's a copy of the playlist widget below - I'll also be keeping it in my "Music?" tab at the top, so you open it as and when you feel like it. There's also a nifty little icon on the bottom right that lets you expand the widget into it's own window. You can also click on each track for a 30-second preview.

Somethings working, anyway - I knocked ~40 seconds off my previous 5k time. (Best to date is now 33:56)

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